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One Minute Reviews

Post by DavidBlakeMercer » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:36 pm

Episode 1: Ranking System
I am your Host David Blake Mercer
The plan is to review things on a scale between 0-11 in about a minute.

0=Need to try it.
1=Horrible and would not try again.
2=Bad and there better be a reason why I am trying it again.
3=They need to try again.
4=Not bad.
6=Needs work.
8=Great, probably memorable.
9=Epic, some small flaw that is easily recognizable.
10=Perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. Masterpiece
11=Unicorn, one in a million. Like a preferred Game no matter what else is around you play it.
like COD:Black Ops Zombies bonus game!

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