Sh!t Talker's "Valley of Darkness"

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Sh!t Talker's "Valley of Darkness"

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Reminds me of ICP Jesus' name saves people who are into darkness normally study a lot because the more you study the more you learn the more everything sucks and could be way better also if you get baptized you'll be saved and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost shortly after. reminds me of Dark Lotus mixed with Pro Era good for Halloween or for people that like scary movies slightly generic you need to make something that makes you stand out cool for Juggalos would be able to chill to the album.

Best instrumental was #6 it reminds me of Goosebumps redo the hook!
The outro and #5 have the best vocal structure
lean more towards the being awake songs and be baptized since you mention Jesus so much I am

Overall rating:

Jesus Christ is the Lord. -KJV1611
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