Rhyme Torrents Vol. 1

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Rhyme Torrents Vol. 1

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RT1 http://www.rhymetorrents.org/compilatio ... _vol_1.zip

The songs that truly stand out are
Nerdcore Hip Hop 2006
Kill Dash Nine
Emulation station
White Warrior
Big Lie

Off the Wheel is by far the best song of Ham-Star. totally could be popular as the duck and the lemonade stand song.
Same thing with Rock out with your Hawk out, these two are like novelty drinks that you only find on the internet.
other good tracks worth mentioning are Tub of Tabasco (only because the hook is catchy) legendary rhymes, needs polishing and the last fantasy need a little more work and would be top songs.

it is a great album mixed with good musicians and up and comers, I'd rather focus on an A for effort kind of grade otherwise it would be lower.

0 Baddd Spellah and MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Hip-Hop 2006 2:41
10/10 could have been an 11 if baddd spellah rapped rather then dissed

1 Ytcracker - White Warrior 2:57
9/10 one of those classics

2 Benjamin Bear - Interlude 1:13
6/10 interludes unless they are very funny or stand out don't get to many points

3 Oddioblender - Zombie Panic 4:13
8/10 has so much potential, put a little more energy and it could be an 9 or even a 10.

4 Ham-STAR - Off the Wheel 2:54
9/10 Amazing song, one of those internet songs (is there a video) like the duck and the lemonade (like novelty drinks)

5 Beefy - Tub of Tabasco 3:20
8/10 Great hook but the rest of the song is mediocre, need more things that stands out!

6 Ultraklystron - Five to Nine 3:15
8/10 It took me a moment to recognize the instrumental, nice cover.

7 Drown Therapy Radio - Gort 3:24
5/10 not that great interesting at parts but other then that so so.

8 MCDJ - Lossy Compression 4:02
7/10 interesting at some parts but overall not so much, there was a website for noise music. I'll post it if I find it.

9 DJ Snyder - The Anime Convention 2:16
8/10 DJ Snyder is awesome, great scratching! I'd like you to scratch over some of my songs. This one would be a B side.

10 ZeroBitRate with SashRa - Legendary Rhymes 3:12
9/10 awesome choice of song, perhaps if I knew more about Zelda it would be a 9/10 VGIM at it's best.

11 MC Plus+ - Ascii Antics 3:37
6/10 I do not know to much about the song, meh?

12 Monzy - Kill Dash Nine 3:51
10/10 one of my favorite songs listened to it many times. Stanford!

13 Lil' Nix - Off the Markov 2:18
8/10 Nix sounds cute the song is average, add some more uniqueness.

14 Benjamin Bear - The Last Fantasy 3:39
8/10 Another classic of vgim, could have been a slight bit better make the lyrics more memorable.

15 Nursehella - Nursehellamentary 2:49
7/10 meh nice attempt but quite average and slightly bland. don't have to lie to kick it.

16 the rap shrew - breakingPLS_WDTH(rayogarrmx) 3:25
4/10 there is a website dedicated to music that is seriously only noise, maybe bgm at best but that is the objective of the genre.

17 MC Hawking - Rock Out With Your Hawk Out 3:28
9/10 like Ham-STAR and Group X these songs along with viral video obtain 100k+ views and are like novelty drinks!

18 Rai - Big Lie 2:50
10/10 Amazing voice simple and calm, it is not as good as sunny sunny day but it is still good. add more!

19 funky49 and Redvoid - RPG (Rhymes of Phatness and Greatness) 5:11
5/10 potential if you spice up the vocals and lyrics!

20 Baddd Spellah - Gawd Particles 1:31
6/10 mediocre sometimes these kinds of shorts stand out and are great like Preschool Tea Party Massacre does.

21 Shael Riley - Miss Information 4:46
7/10 average song, please make the lyrics a little more simple and clear.

22 1337 G33K B3AT - Emulation Station 3:14
10/10 top 3 VGIM original best of the decade instrumental and 8bit betty is super attractive it would be an 11 if it were a rap rather then a diss.

23 Meter Versus Yard - Divided States 4:44
6/10 I do not know what you were trying for

points = 190/240 + likes = 10/23

Only half the songs I would listen to again.

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