Steezy and Dev West's "K.I.S.S. Theory"

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Steezy and Dev West's "K.I.S.S. Theory"

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Alphashark Records Presents
Steezy and Dev West
"K.I.S.S. Theory"

very chill and relaxing, nice to kick back to. interesting collaboration, was it planned? Follow the plan if so!
clever hooks good beats! only suggestions perhaps a few more lines in the verses that stand out.
Nice samples, Jesus is the Spirit of Truth! Fresh~

1 YOUNG FLY & GIFTED 8.5/10 Nice hook mellow and laid back beat with positive lyrics :-)
2 FEAR 8/10 Perfect love cast out all fear!
3 SHOUT OUT 2 LOVE 7/10 it sounds like you make the singing samples, nice if you do.
4 THIRST TRAP 7.5/10 nice hook, millennial's thirst, Jesus said whomever has thirst may drink from the fountain of life freely.
5 MONEY & EMOTIONS 9/10 The song has a great point! God's plan is to not do us any harm nor evil but to give us an expected end (KINGSHIP)
I think the only thing that could make it a 10/10 would be some scratching or a lead that is very catchy!

Points: 40/50 + 2/5 likes (+1 the EP flows together) 1 and 5 are my favorites, the other 3 are average with good hooks though.
-Final Score-
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Re: Review of Steezy and Dev West's "K.I.S.S. Theory"

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Good review! I really appreciate the effort and time you have been putting into these, keep it up!
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