Okilly Dokilly's "Howdilly Doodilly"

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Okilly Dokilly's "Howdilly Doodilly"

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https://okillydokilly.bandcamp.com/albu ... y-doodilly

Great production, nice choice of parody. Very metal indeed, my friend Jarrod showed them to me.

1. boring at first but then it grew on me, and the breakdown was awesome 8/10, it was meh then I thought of what y'all are trying to do.
2. again the hooks need some more work. nice guitar solo, hmm comedy. 7/10
3. B side song, these kinds of songs are average. 5/10
4. great song, funny and awesome melody, memorable 9/10
5. nice riffs and good instrumental, different lyrics perhaps. 3/10
6. nice change of pace, good to see your musical talent is not limited to simply metal parody. nice breakdown 8/10
7. moshing tempo, good hook, get's played out when it comes to listening but live is probably cool. 7/10
8. meh, like dragonforce the songs are starting to sound the same, 3/10 +1 for guitar riff
9. not to much stands out, 2/10
10. finally one that does, nice guitar riff now that stands out and I'd recognize it, nice Yell!
you'd enjoy the Simpson's Halloween YTP 20th anniversary Special. 7/10
11. definitely stands out, great choice of quote, serious this song reminds me of Happy Happy Joy Joy. 8/10
12. one of the albums better songs, simple 7.5/10
13. nice melodic heavy metal, changes things up a bit and then yeah gets heavy again grungy, 7/10

all y'all have good songs, they need something that stands out on each one. seriously good riffs and great instrumentals.
after listening and trying to find some that I would like to download was a challenge. -1
I guess the only songs that stand out is "nothing at all" "Press the Button" and "Panic Room"

Points would be 80/130 and to be honest it is metal so only some parts are good and other is like filler. it is great to listen to but no singles.
Like Austrian Death Machine has 2 awesome albums that parody Arnold, each has a single or two that I'm about to listen to now.
Seriously oKILLy doKILLy is the name of the band and the genre is Nedel.

-Final Score-

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