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Okilly Dokilly's "Howdilly Twodilly"

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:17 pm
by MisterFiveStars ... y-twodilly

Great production they are totally nedal, awesome band they all blend together ever so nicely especially the solos, short and sweet.
The Sequel is not as good as the first, the only songs that stand out are "Murdiddlyurdeler" "Reneducation" and "Folkilly Dokilly"
But yes three hits on an album is good and hopefully all the songs become classics.

1. Nice Episode Choice, it kind of was Nedal to begin with :-) 8.5/10
2. Nice Tempo good for a mosh pit, end of Ze world 6/10
3. Beginning builds up to slowness, blast beets are needed there, if your keeping it slow and grungy don't build up 3/10
4. Good backing beat, needs more 3/10
5. kind of post punk pop meh then it kicks in 5/10
6. Singing and stuff poor man's elevator music 2/10
7. Singing and stuff until the end then it gets good, try again on the singing 5/10
8. Another slow singing song then fast and loud at the end, make it more heavy nedal 3/10
9. Best song of the entire album because if your doing slow metal then make it like this song Awesome! 10/10
10. mediocre come on try more like the first album! 3/10
11. Definite change and a good one at that, reminds me of Dethklok that one episode they went acoustic against a mountain troll 7.5/10

Y'all need to not slow down and pick it up and be heavy nedal rather then slow boring, if your doing slow do more songs like Murdillyerderer
The album has 2 songs that I would download/listen to again and its that one and reneducation.
points 56/110 (5/10) and 2/11 songs liked +1 for effort
-Final Score-