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"The Chinchilla Album" by Uncle Outrage

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:59 pm
by MisterFiveStars ... illa-album

Nils will be on a new episode of the SSS Podcast and recently informed me that he has received 4 different letters saying that the song STAY MAGICAL saved them from suicide and so he wrote them back about the length of a novel and said it made him feel so good :-)

great production straight up rock,
solid 16 tracks with some amazing hits
Super upbeat rock with a mixture of that Industrial Punk sound
like Aphex Twin vs Mindless Self Indulgance vs internet forums

Top songs are:
Stay Magical
Fear Of God

1. Alchemy 02:18
6/10 simple track to start things out with. good topic, #freemasonsexposed!

2. Short Bus 03:27
7/10 something I can two step to.

3. Stay Magical 01:46
10/10 one of classics of the late 2000's (RIP VFLAW.NET)

4. Worst In The World 03:37
8/10 started out slow but the instrumental made up for it.

5. Kingfish 02:41
7/10 Nice jam could be background music for a chase scene for some reason.

6. Strange Harvest 02:52
8/10 Nice hook, catchy jingle and good concept.

7. Totoro 03:14
10/10 another classic of the late 2000's seriously! (RIP HACKTHEMUSIC.COM)

8. Major Danger 02:00
7/10 simple yet needs a little more.

9. Astronaught 02:10
7/10 like a more complete version of major danger, the chorus could be a little more clearer at one point other then that it rocks!

10. Zero (Smashing Pumpkins cover) 02:33
6/10 nice cover, I'd need to hear the original .

11. Fear of God 01:10
9/10 I can describe it like a disgruntled employee of God.

12. Thirteen Roses 01:56
7/10 Nice short and sweet, punk rockery at it's finest. conformity yadda yadda yadda

13. A.D.D. 01:01
6/10 the ending was good, the rest needs work.

14. Sinistar Attacxk 01:56
7/10 this one has the potential to be a hit single like totoro but it is lacking the same energy.

15. Environment 00:36
5/10 very short was it an unfinished song?

16. Superbowl 01:59
7/10 nice riff, kinda average then it kicks in.

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