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Both Australia and New Zealand have very low case counts, I think last time I looked the average for both countries was about 5-10 cases a day with most making full recoveries. Its nice to be on islands and to be able to lock down our borders quickly!
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Allow me to re-introduce my self my name is H......2Thirteen.

Went from a young and angsty kid dreaming of turning Nerdcore into something new only to realize I was probably just screaming for attention or something like that.

Probably most known (if at all)
for some silly drama/beef records and posting hip hop that probably turned off half the folks here.

I did keep track with a few folks on shitty social media til my original account got locked do to wrong think, just poking my head in for a bit.
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Re: Introduce yourself...

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A long, long time ago, I was deleted from Wikipedia...
Zombie Killa Audio Book - Part One of Six ... lla-part-1
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