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OG Don Vito
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by OG Don Vito »

Welcome, guys. Also, I posted some beats for collabing below... be sure to check em out. If anyone has any concepts I'm down to produce new stuff...
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by Ham-STAR »

Deafinition wrote: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:12 pm This feels like an AA meeting.
Right? Hi, my name is Ham-STAR and I'm a longtime RTer. You may remember me as the guy who wouldn't stop asking everyone to freestyle with him at Nerdapalooza 2009.
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OG Don Vito
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by OG Don Vito »

Ham-STAR wrote: Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:04 pm
Deafinition wrote: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:12 pm This feels like an AA meeting.
Right? Hi, my name is Ham-STAR and I'm a longtime RTer. You may remember me as the guy who wouldn't stop asking everyone to freestyle with him at Nerdapalooza 2009.
Video evidence...

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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by Masdamind »

Masdamind here, reporting for duty.

Me and nerdcore go way back to my high school years. So basically 2007. First got into MC Chris, MC Frontalot, and MC Hawking. Eventually found and then rhymetorrents. In addition, the nerdcore for life documentary. The rest is history. Its nice to be back where it all started.
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Nerd Funk Gangsta
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by Nerd Funk Gangsta »

Hi everyone,

I'm Nerd Funk Gangsta from Perth, Western Australia.

I'm very new to the game. I started writing nerdcore songs last year and recently launched the project in June of this year, mostly on Youtube.

My style ranges from guitar driven punk rock all the way to comedy gangsta rap...and everything in between. I write primarily on an acoustic guitar and then flesh songs out using Logic and Korg Gadget.

I really enjoy the 'directness' of nerdcore lyrics. Prior to this I was mostly writing 'serious' music where the lyrics were more dark and metaphorical. Making actual references to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tarantino, and Obi Wan is much more fun!

Here's where you can find me:

YOUTUBE ... subscriber

Look forward to getting to know you all.
(Nerd Funk Gangsta)
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by StarF »

hey it's StarF!

Been nerdcore since '08, made some albums, played some shows, met a lot of really cool people. My music is pretty mediocre and no one really listens to it for real but it's been a fun ride!

Now I'm an audio engineer and shit with certifications in sound design though so if any of you need post production for a film or anything done, I gotchu. ;)
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by diabeats »

hey. I'm diabeats and part of the group The Bloodclan with LictorXIX (formerly MC_Loki.) I did a whirlwind of nerdcore rapping shit from 2009-2011 and now I'm doing some shit again. kinda nice to see you fools around again.
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by MisterFiveStars »

Hey y'all Jesus is the Son of God! For starters I was to die at birth from seizures but Grandma Sharon prayed in his name and I have been siezure free since 1990. Like Maros I am also a Christian, read the KJV and am born again.

It is great to see rhyme torrents back online I hope it grows and reaches over 10,000 members I am thinking it be easy to reach the 1,000 we were at last time I remember being on to be honest I prefer the original name.

I am David Blake Mercer aka Mister Thoughts from which was in 2006 for Vincent flaw a spin off of the MSI and NIN forums shown to me after meeting them by Ian Steuer (Rewrite) Also I was and am an Admin for the Squish Squish Squad created by Sparx Rojas of Electric Dragon. I run the podcast as well, biggest guests have been Shelly Martinez aka Ariel of ECW, Carlos aka Koran and Glenn aka Disco Inferno of WCW.

My highlights were being on the best of with NotRlyJamie known as poop back then. 2 short songs the heavy troop is ready to launch super Mario rpg and 1 on Ryhmetorrents Halloween vol. 4 along with semi finals in one of the rap battles. I participated in a few competitions and visited the sites on daily basis.

Outside of the internetz I was offered a record deal at 21 and turned it down because it did not include my friends. Looking back I could have said yes and brought them up with me afterwards because they quit. I published "World Changer" in 2013 when I was a member of occupy and sold over 1k copies internationally, I had 2 songs featured on UC Berkeley's Radio. I was told I sound like Burner.

2014 was the last year I released anything and then I started college in 2015 and began work on RapSure as Minister Thoughts as I was told to do so by Jarrod and Remedy who worked and went to high school with NWA. In 2016 I performed at X-Fest with over 12,000 in attendance headlined by Tpain and Suicidal Tendencies and I went on right before then and was on stage with suicidal tendencies moshing.

I stayed in College til 2017 making short films and lost lots of files. The SSS Podcast was to become a Broadcast but the station went under. I had some people put a hit on me and was followed by tweakers on the streets of Stockton. I have been living outside off and on since the Occupy Movement. I moved away after someone pulled a gun on me for preaching in a parking lot.

During 2018 I wrote the lyrics to RapSure and performed all over the Bay Area during the summer. In 2019 I started College again only to be cast into prison for false accusations until the Summer so 117 days served. I just recently moved to the streets of Sacramento and am waiting for the College to process paperwork I put in weeks ago to manage a motor home my cousin offered to buy me with the $1,450 from financial aid. Hoping soon.

I need one more semester to have an AA degree in RTV.
I have 4 new albums in the works with special guests.
I am dedicating all my time and energy into my plans.
The VCP 6 is about to start and I have a new setup.
Feel free to contact me, I enjoy collabs and comps. :-)
Lord willing this will be a fresh new Era for VGIM.

Links in the sig.

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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by TRE »

What up, name is TRE.. some of you might remember me as the asshole that stormed the website years ago dropping diss tracks on FattyGoodness, Zealous1, and a few others LOL I came from another website called Letsbeef. I have remained friends with OG Don Vito on facebook, and I would like to think that i have Matured since back then LOL I submitted a track for Rhymetorrents Volume 10 and look forward to hopefully collabing with some of you guys in the near future. I put the mic down for like 7 years, blew the dust off of it and brought it back to a nice sizzle LOL
it's dope AF that this site is back!
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by Yiggaman »

Hey guys I’m Yiggaman, a rapper from NYC. I’m 6’8 and I’ve always loved video games, anime, and comics/manga. I grew up very timid and insecure but have blossomed into a “IDGAF” rapper. Follow me in my journey to success and check out my new album “ Wrath of the Nerds”
Checkout my new album “ Wrath of the Nerds” 🤓👹🤓
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